Diabetes In Children

The Diabetes Team

Treating diabetes is a team effort. You (the parents or guardians) and the child are the most important members of this team, working closely with the child’s doctor, who may be a pediatrician or an endocrinologist.

In addition, the care team may include:

  • A diabetes educator (often a nurse)
  • A dietitian
  • A psychologist or other counselor
  • A pharmacist
  • An exercise specialist

The diabetes team will help you and your child master these skills:

  • Drawing up insulin and giving shots
  • Doing finger-stick blood tests
  • Doing a simple test with strips or tablets to measure the concentration of ketones in the urine when the child is ill or blood glucose levels are high
  • Adjusting meals and snacks to meet the child’s needs
  • Getting plenty of exercise and adjusting food or insulin to accommodate changes in insulin requirements that exercise brings
  • Handling sick days and emergencies

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