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Gun Violence. What can be done?

Santa Fe High School, Texas: 10 dead, 13 Injured (5/18/18). Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida: 17 dead, 14 wounded (2/14/18). Texas First Baptist Church massacre, 26 dead, 20 injured…

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Girl with ADHD

Ritalin’s Longterm Effects

Parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are often concerned about the safety and long-term effects of medications used to help manage  ADHD symptoms. But a recent animal…

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Healthy Hearts Start Early

Although we typically think of atherosclerosis as a disease of old age, the process begins as early as childhood, making prevention of coronary heart disease a priority for everyone. It’s never too early to start thinking about heart health. Learn more about preventing Heart Disease.
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When Is a Mole Skin Cancer?

Most moles are harmless. But an irregular, bleeding, or otherwise troublesome mole is often the first sign of skin cancers, including melanoma. Do you know how to tell the difference? Learning your ABCDEs can help you to identify early warning signs of skin cancer — and catch it before it spreads:…
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Migraine Warning Signs

Migraine headaches often come on unexpectedly, but many people who experience begin experiencing warning signs up to a day before a migraine develops. Warning signs may include: food cravings, mood swings, uncontrollable yawning, mild confusion or “spaciness,” and fluid retention or increased urination. Learn more about migraines in our comprehensive Migraine…
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Breastfeeding Reduces the Risk of Middle Ear Infections

Middle ear infections occur less frequently in infants who are breastfed for more than six months, compared to those who begin bottle-feeding before they are one month old. Learn more about middle ear infections:
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Getting Back to Work After Back Pain

Dealing with back pain? Get back to work as soon as your doctor says it’s okay. Here’s why: More than half of people who experience back pain are able to return to within one week, and nine out of 10 are working again within three months. But among people who stay…
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Famous People and Depression

Depression affects one in five people at some point in their life, yet less than half of depressed people seek help. This common and often debilitating disorder has affected many well-known and influential people, including Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Hemingway, Peter Tchaikovsky, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Mary Shelley, and Mike Wallace. Learn…
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How to Help Kids Cope after a Disaster

As images of the blasts at the finish of the Boston Marathon and explosions in the small town of West, Texas reverberate around the world, parents and teachers are asking…

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Should doctors see unvaccinated children in their clinics?
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