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Every day, thousands of health-related stories are published in newspapers, radio, television, and online. Bloggers and journalists alike write about the newest miracle cure, the latest miracle diet, and the newest miracle drug or device to hit the market.

Measuring blood pressure


How much do you know about hypertension? Take our hypertension quiz to test your knowledge of high blood pressure!


Stroke is a global disease that knows no boundaries. But few people know how to prevent stroke, or how to recognize signs and symptoms of stroke, or what to do when you suspect someone is having a stroke. What about you? How much do you know about stroke? Take this short quiz to test your stroke IQ.

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Happy people

How much do you know about sun safety and preventing skin cancer? Do you know how to use sunscreen most effectively?

Test your knowledge about skin cancer prevention.

Looking at the face

How much do you know about acne? Test you acne IQ with our interactive  quiz.