Who Gets Acne?

Adolescents are the most commonly affected. Because of the high hormonal activity during puberty, acne affects many teenagers. Those individuals whose oil glands produce more oil tend to be affected by acne more often than those whose glands don’t produce excess oil.

Heredity Can Play A Role

Statistics suggest that heredity is a strong contributing factor for acne. A family history of acne means that there probably is a genetic basis for the condition.

Nice To Know:

Does stress cause acne?

Stress can be partially responsible for acne. Hormonal changes are associated with stress, and hormones stimulate the oil glands. People who are anxious may also change their behavior towards their appearance, leading to inappropriate treatment of the acne that can worsen the condition.

Consult your family physician on methods to reduce stress. These may include:

  • Exercise
  • Recreational breaks
  • Good sleeping habits
  • Meditation
  • Laughter
  • Social support network
  • Reduced consumption of stimulants (such as caffeine)

Does a greasy diet make acne worse?

It was long thought that fatty foods, chocolate and sugar aggravated acne. But dietary causes for acne have never been proven scientifically. So although a well-balanced healthy diet that includes plenty of water is recommended for overall good health, no special restrictions on food are imposed for preventing acne.

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