What Kinds Of Surgery Can Be Performed With Minimally Invasive Methods?

Dozens of different kinds of operations are now being done using these new minimally invasive techniques. These include operations on the abdomen, heart, reproductive organs, nerves, ear, nose, sinuses, throat, joints, chest organs, urinary tract, and blood vessels. These techniques are also used in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery may be an appropriate choice for conditions and diseases such as the following:

Diseases and conditions of the abdominal organs, including:

  • gallstones
  • removal of a damaged or diseased spleen;
  • inguinal hernia repairs, when part of the intestine bulges through a weakened segment of the abdominal wall;
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
  • some problems of the colon (large intestine) or rectum; and
  • removal of an infected or inflamed appendix.

Gynecological conditions or procedures including:

  • pelvic pain of uncertain cause;
  • ovarian cysts;
  • endometriosis;
  • pelvic adhesions;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • infertility;
  • hysterectomy; and
  • tubal ligation.

Treatment of torn cartilage, ligaments, joint pain, and mobility problems in:

  • the shoulder;
  • knee;
  • lower back pain caused by a herniated spinal disk ; and
  • spine, such as fusing segments of the backbone together to make the spine more stable.

Correction of abnormalities in the paranasal sinuses that cause chronic sinus infections.

Nice To Know:

Q. What is laparoscopically-assisted surgery? My gynecologist wants to use that method for my hysterectomy.

A. It is a modern way of performing a hysterectomy that avoids a large abdominal incision. In this procedure, instead of the normal large incision, very small incisions are made for a laparoscopic procedure, and the doctor uses the laparoscope to see and cut the tough bands of tissue that hold the uterus in place. That is the “laparoscopically-assisted” part. Then the uterus is removed through the vagina.

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