What Happens During An Ultrasound Procedure?

You will probably be asked to lie down on a bed or table for the scan. Clothing over the area to be scanned is removed, and a special warm oil or gel is applied to the skin. This is to achieve good contact as the transducer is passed back and forth.

Ultrasonic waves are inaudible and cause no sensation, though pressure from the transducer may be uncomfortable. The scan usually takes about 15 minutes. During the procedure, you will probably be able to watch the ultrasound images on the screen attached to the scanner.

When a scan is performed in conjunction with a biopsy, a local anesthetic reduces or eliminates any discomfort.

Normal activities can be resumed immediately after the test.

Ultrasound is very safe and painless, so there is little risk.

Need To Know:

Getting your results

Your ultrasound images will be analyzed by a radiologist, a physician who specializes in ultrasound and other radiology testing. The radiologist will send a signed report which includes an interpretation of the image to your primary physician. You may receive your results right after your scan. If not, you will receive information on the report through your primary care physician.

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