Prostate Enlargement

What Can I Expect As I Recover From Prostate Surgery?

Following surgery, the body needs time to recover. You can expect the following:

  • Blood may appear in the urine. This blood should gradually disappear as the urethra mends.
  • You may experience a sense of urgency to urinate, even as the flow of urine is more vigorous and steady. The experience should lessen over time, although it may take up to one month to completely clear up.

In the first two weeks after surgery, it is prudent modify your normal routine. Avoid lifting heavy objects. Give your body a chance to heal properly.

The goal of treatment is to return to being able to pass urine normally. Even if you don’t fully achieve that goal, most men experience a noticeable improvement in the urinary flow rate or in the frequency or urgency to urinate and, therefore, in the symptoms of BPH.

Need To Know:

Will I be able to have sex again after surgery for BPH?

If you had erections before surgery, the chances are very good that you will be able to have erections after surgery. However, complete recovery of sexual function may take as long as a year.

Will I be able to control my bladder again following surgery for BPH?

The chances are excellent that you will be able to regain your ability to control urination. Although there may be some temporary problems controlling urination postoperatively, these problems should disappear over time.

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