Eyelid Surgery

What About The Recovery Process After EyeLid Surgery?

You will find that your recovery process is fairly quick both immediately following surgery and in the weeks that follow.

  • You will stay in the recovery room for one or two hours and released once you are no longer groggy from the anesthesia and danger of abnormal bleeding, nausea, or swelling has passed.
  • Ice compresses will reduce swelling and bruising.
  • Pain medication will be prescribed for you, if needed.
  • Once home, your bruising and swelling will begin to subside. Healing will occur more quickly if you follow your surgeon’s instructions.
  • Avoid contact sports for one to two weeks.
  • Avoid activities that can increase your pulse or blood pressure for two or three days to decrease your risk of bleeding and swelling.
  • Call your surgeon immediately if you have any of the following symptoms:
    • Vision problems
    • Severe swelling or pain
    • Heavy bleeding or yellow or green drainage

How To Promote Healing

To minimize swelling:

  • Sleep on your back and elevate your head.
  • Apply ice compresses during waking hours for two days.
  • If eyes are dry, ask your surgeon to prescribe an ointment.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Resume wearing contact lenses and eye make-up only with your surgeon’s permission.

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