Tinnitus: Putting It All Together

Here is a summary of the important facts and information related to Tinnitus:

  • Tinnitus is noise that originates within the ear rather than from the outside environment. This may affect one or both ears.
  • Tinnitus is a relatively common condition.
  • Tinnitus is not likely to worsen, even if associated hearing loss increases.
  • Tinnitus usually decreases in severity with time.
  • Tinnitus does not cause deafness, though a high percentage of people with tinnitus do have some degree of deafness.
  • The sounds of tinnitus are not in fact usually loud when compared with many everyday sounds; they may only seem to be very loud.
  • Coping with the symptoms of tinnitus may be a matter of learning to control reactions to the irritations caused by the symptoms
  • Many people attempt to ignore tinnitus and not allow the symptoms to “take control.”
  • It is not true that “nothing can be done” for people with tinnitus. There are various means adapting to tinnitus. In fact, most people learn to cope with the condition and try not to let it affect their quality their day-to-day life.
  • There are several treatment options for people with tinnitus, including masking, medications, lifestyle changes, or, in severe cases, cochlear implant surgery.
  • Masking is the camouflage of the annoying sound associated with tinnitus by more pleasant, soothing sound.

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