Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to testicular cancer.

Q: Will testicular cancer affect my sex life, or make me infertile?

A: No. Men with one healthy testicle can still have a normal erection and produce sperm. An operation to remove one testicle does not make a man impotent and seldom interferes with fertility. For those men concerned with esthetic appearances, an artificial testicle (prosthesis) can be placed in the scrotum. The prosthesis has the weight and feel of a normal testicle.

Q: Is a lump in the testicle always cancer?

A: Not every lump in the testicle is cancer. There could be other causes, such as infection or a non-cancerous growth. The earliest symptoms of testicular cancer are most often pain, swelling, or hardness in the testis, or some combination of these symptoms. Sometimes, the first symptom a man will notice is a small, painless lump on the testicle. But there is a high chance it may be cancer. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor if a man experiences any of these symptoms

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