Cosmetic Surgery For The Face

Putting It All Together: Cosmetic Surgery For The Face

Here is a summary of the important facts and information related to cosmetic surgery for the face.

  • Realistic expectations are the key to satisfaction with cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic procedures for the face can alleviate some of the most visible signs of aging. They cannot restore youth or guarantee happiness.
  • An open and honest relationship between patient and surgeon is also important to satisfaction with cosmetic surgery. It is important for the patient to know exactly what to expect and to feel that his or her concerns are being addressed. It is also important that the patient be candid with the surgeon about medical history and background.
  • The effects of a cosmetic procedure will last much longer if a person is committed to a lifetime of proper skin care. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and long hours in the sun will soon reverse the effects of cosmetic surgery.
  • Use of sun block is extremely important after a cosmetic procedure, especially a resurfacing procedure that removes a layer of skin. Exposure to the sun can cause permanent discoloration of the treated area.

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