Premenstrual Syndrome

Living With PMS

PMS is not a psychological problem. However, normal life difficulties, such as work or relationship problems may seem more intense premenstrually. Ask your family and friends for support. Consider joining a PMS support group so that you can share experiences with other women who have similar problems. If your symptoms are creating major problems for you, a counselor or psychotherapist may be able to help you to cope better.

PMS is no longer a mystery. Nor do you have to continue living with difficult symptoms. Treatments are available that can improve the quality of your life. So don’t keep your PMS to yourself. Seek help.

Nice To Know:

Will PMS get worse?

Most studies show that PMS tends to get worse as women get older until she reaches menopause. The symptoms usually become more intense and last longer. Because of this, women who have PMS should take steps early on to improve their symptoms.

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