Hypothyroidism: Putting It All Together

Here is a summary of the important facts and information related to hypothyroidism.

  • Hypothyroidism is the condition marked by too little thyroid hormone in the blood.
  • Symptoms of hypothyroidism include slowed heartbeat, tiredness, difficulty thinking and remembering, dry and flaky skin, constipation, and inability to tolerate the cold.
  • Hypothyroidism can occur at any age, from birth well into the senior years.
  • Diagnosis of often delayed or missed because symptoms are subtle and can be attributed to other causes, such as aging or stress.
  • Hypothyroidism is diagnosed with a medical exam and blood testing.
  • The condition can be easily and successfully treated with medication that replaces the thyroid hormone that is lacking in the body.
  • Regular monitoring via blood testing provides the means for ensuring appropriate hormone replacement therapy for the rest of one’s life.
  • Hypothyroidism can affect a woman’s ability to become pregnant and also the health of her unborn child. Pregnant women can safely take thyroid medication, as it does not affect a developing fetus adversely.
  • Most of the symptoms of hypothyroidism improve greatly or disappear after thyroid hormone treatment is begun.
  • Thyroid hormone treatment may be needed for life, but fortunately treatment is simple, inexpensive, and easily monitored.

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