How Long Will It Take For Full Recovery After Laparoscopic Surgery?

Recovery time depends on the kind of procedure, the patient’s age, and health before the procedure. The following is a normal timetable for recovery from minimally invasive surgery on the abdomen:

  • The groggy feeling from the anesthetic disappears the day after surgery and the individual is fully alert once again.
  • Any pain in the shoulders or neck area usually goes away after a few days.
  • Soreness in the incisions disappears within a few days and the incisions heal after about five days.
  • The bloated feeling after abdominal or pelvic laparoscopy goes away within a few days.

Need To Know:

When can I go back to work?

Depending on the procedure most people feel well enough to return to work or normal daily activities three to five days after laparoscopy, although some people may need a week or more of rest.

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