PAP Smear

How Are Pap Smear Results Reported?

Laboratories generally report Pap smear results to the doctor a few weeks after the test is performed. The doctor then

  • calls the patient to notify her of her test results
  • mails test results to the patient
  • makes the results available to the patient upon request

Do not assume the test was normal if the doctor doesn’t call or mail results.

Need To Know:

A woman who has had a Pap smear should always know and understand her test results. Finding out what those results are can

  • guarantee that the information isn’t misplaced, disregarded, or overlooked
  • prevent unnecessary treatment delays
  • eliminate needless anxiety

Nice To Know:

Laboratories hold onto Pap smear results for only three years. The patient may ask the doctor for copies of the test results. It may be useful to keep a file of test results so that they can be compared to later results.

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