Headache Clinics

What Is A Headache Clinic?

A headache clinic is a facility staffed by specialists dedicated to the treatment of severe headache and migraine. The staff at a headache clinic typically includes psychologists, nutritionists, relaxation specialists, physicians, and support personnel. Headache clinics typically provide a range of services, including physical evaluation, diagnostic tests, and the development of a headache management plan.

Headache sufferers may turn to a specialized headache clinic for a number of reasons:

  • His regular doctor cannot diagnose the headache type.
  • She may be unable to tolerate conventional medications for headaches and is seeking alternative remedies for her headaches.
  • He may have developed a tolerance of or dependency on a particular drug, and may suffer from medication overuse headache (formerly called rebound headache). This situation requires rehabilitation from the addiction as well as treatment for headache pain.
  • The debilitating effects of frequent headaches or severe headaches have led to psychological or psychiatric problems.

Most headache clinics are operated on an outpatient basis. There are a few inpatient headache clinics. But inpatient care is costly and is generally reserved for patients who are seriously addicted to pain medication, suffer unrelenting, prolonged pain that has been impossible to relieve by other means, or have other unusually severe headaches or associated problems. Such treatment is generally a last resort, but staff at headache clinics are able to offer significant help to this tiny minority group.

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