Skin Cancer

Experimental Therapies For Skin Cancers

People with severe forms of skin cancer sometimes can choose between standard therapy and experimental therapy. Standard therapy is the traditional treatment used by most doctors. Most standard treatments have been in use for years. Standard therapy, however, may not work for all patients. It may not cure the disease, or it may cause too many side effects.

In such cases, people with serious cancer may benefit from experimental therapy. These are brand new treatments that scientists are studying inclinical trials. Clinical trials are experiments in new treatments that are tested on people. They are designed to find better ways of treating people.

Clinical trials do give cancer patients access to the newest and most hopeful scientific discoveries. Experimental treatment, however, may prove less effective than the traditional therapy. For instance, it may have hidden side effects. However, experimental therapies may also prove to be more effective than traditional treatments.

Talk with the doctor to decide whether a clinical trial makes sense for your type and stage of cancer.

For a list of clinical trials: (

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