Can Endometriosis Be Prevented?

There are certain steps that a woman can take to either help prevent endometriosis or keep it from becoming worse:

  • A woman with abdominal pain, especially if it occurs just before the start of her period, should see a physician. Early diagnosis offers the best chance of effective treatment.
  • Women who have a problem with their reproductive organs that obstructs the menstrual flow should consider surgery to relieve the obstruction.
  • A woman with a family history of endometriosis should be aware that she is at increased risk for developing endometriosis. There is evidence that taking oral contraceptives (birth control pills) may help keep endometriosis from developing.
  • Since endometriosis is associated with childlessness, childbearing may give a protective effect. Therefore, women at risk for endometriosis may want to try to have children before their late 30s.

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