Smoking During Pregnancy

In 2000, 12.2% of mothers reported having smoked during pregnancy. This means that smoking is the most common addiction among pregnant women in the U.S. In fact, only 20% of women who smoke quit during a pregnancy. It is not uncommon for smokers to reduce their use of cigarettes during pregnancy, but reducing the number

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Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy

People drink alcohol for a variety of reasons-social pressure, as a means of reducing stress and emotional upset, addiction-and these reasons don’t go away when a woman becomes pregnant. So even though the knowledge about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy has increased in recent years, the use of alcohol among pregnant women is still

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Smoking, Alcohol, And Pregnancy: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to smoking, alcohol, and pregnancy: Q: Are smoking and drinking really dangerous to the unborn baby? A: Yes. Smoking and drinking alcohol are both associated with serious complications during pregnancy and birth, as well as potentially severe birth defects. In order to protect the health of her baby, a

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