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What Is A Smoking Addiction?

A smoking addiction means a person has formed an uncontrollable dependence on cigarettes to the point where stopping smoking would cause severe emotional, mental, or physical reactions. Everyone knows that smoking is harmful and addictive, but few people realize just how risky and addictive it is. Chances are that about one in three smokers who

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How Smoking Affects The Body

Smoking causes many premature deaths from diseases that are largely incurable, but preventable by stopping smoking. There are three main killing diseases which smoking causes or brings on earlier: Heart disease. Smoking is responsible for 30 percent of all heart attacks and cardiovascular deaths. Cancer. It is responsible for at least 30 percent of all cancer deaths

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What’s In Cigarettes?

Tobacco smoke is a mixture of gases and small particles made up of water, tar and nicotine. The tar is a messy mixture of hundreds of toxic chemicals, many of which are known to cause cancer (for example, nitrosamines, benzpyrene). Many of the gases in tobacco smoke are harmful. These include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides,

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