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Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins - Glossary

Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 13:06

Here are definitions of medical terms related to varicose veins:

Blood clot: A semisolid mass of coagulated red and white blood cells

Compression stocking: A tightly fitted elastic sock, either from the toes to the knee or to the top of the leg, which applies a gentle pressure to the leg and helps with the flow of blood in the veins

Phlebitis: Inflammation of a vein, usually refers to the veins just beneath the skin

Postphlebitic leg: After long-term phlebitis involving deeper veins, leg may become discolored, scaly, and swollen, with hardened areas beneath the skin and painful ulcers

Saphenous veins: The largest surface veins in the legs

Sclerotherapy: A process in which a physician injects an irritating chemical directly into the affected veins, which causes the veins to scar

Spider veins: Veins shaped like spiders legs that appear in clusters of fine red lines, commonly on the feet, ankles, or thighs, and sometimes the face

Superficial veins: Veins near the surface of the skin

Thrombophlebitis: Inflammation of a vein associated with the formation of a blood clot

Thrombosis: The process of forming a blood clot

Tournique: A tightened band

Trendelenburg test: A test in which the leg is raised above the level of the heart at a 45 degree angle until the veins are emptied, then quickly lowered, causing varicose veins to bulge out

Ulcers: Open sores, a break in the skin

Valve: A membranous structure in an artery or vein that folds or closes to prevent the return flow of blood passing through it

Veins: Thin-walled blood vessels that carry blood from the body tissues back to the heart

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