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Osteoarthritis: Additional Sources Of Information

Monday, April 23, 2012 - 12:40

Contributing Author: Guy Slowik FRCS

Here are some reliable sources that can provide more information on osteoarthritis.

Arthritis Foundation Services

Arthritis Foundation(national office) 
Phone: 800-283-7800

  • Arthritis Self-Help Course (ASHC)

    A 6 week [15-hour] class that teaches people how to take control of their own care.

  • Bone Up on Arthritis (BUOA)

    A simplified, self-paced arthritis course. Six lessons on audiocassettes and a workbook provide helpful information about arthritis management.

  • Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatics Program (AFYAP)
  • A 6- to 10-week warm water exercise class that is conducted in a heated pool. AFYAP is designed for people with impaired joint motion and strength. It focuses upon muscle strengthening and joint mobility.
  • Land Exercise Arthritis Program (LEAP), and People with Arthritis Can Exercise (PACE)

    Courses that offer several levels of exercise to benefit people with any type of arthritis.

  • Joint Efforts

    A program for older adults that helps to explain the principles of joint protection.

  • In Control®

    A self-paced videotape about arthritis (text and audiocassette supplements are available).

  • Arthritis Home HelpTM

    An individualized, computerized, self-management plan that uses quarterly questionnaires, self-care books, and tapes.

  • Arthritis Today magazine

    An award-winning, bimonthly magazine (with $20 membership donation). For instant membership, call toll-free:(800) 933-0032.

Other Arthritis Foundation Services

  • Local Arthritis Foundation Chapters (these may provide a selection of support groups and clubs)
  • Arthritis specialist list
  • Educational brochures
  • One-session educational meetings

Other Support Group Sources

  • The Internet
  • YMCA and YWCA
  • Social service agencies
  • Hospital outreach programs
  • Senior clubs
  • Health clubs
  • Surgical supply stores and catalogues

Helpful Websites

American College of Rheumatology (ACR) 

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons 

The Arthritis and Glucosamine Informaion Center 


Arthritis: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Your Arthritis, by James F. Fries, M.D., is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation as a reference for its trainers and teachers. (5 rating)

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