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Medications Used To Treat Asthma

Friday, March 16, 2012 - 17:12

There are two completely different types of asthma medications, and they are used for completely different purposes:

  • Medications to prevent asthma symptoms from developing
  • Medications to relieve asthma symptoms once they've started

Need To Know

Medication to prevent asthma attacks will not relieve an asthma attack. They are intended to prevent attacks, not treat it. They do not provide immediate relief of symptoms.

Asthma medications come in many forms - liquids, tablets, injections, powders, and vapors - so that it can always be taken in the most appropriate way.

Asthma medicines are tailored to a persons individual needs. Some adults with asthma only need an occasional dose of medication, while others need asthma medication on a regular basis.

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