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Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease: Putting It All Together

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 11:05

Contributing Author: Guy Slowik FRCS

Here is a summary of the important facts and information related to lyme disease:

  • Lyme disease is a potentially serious but treatable illness spread by ticks.
  • Ticks carrying Lyme disease are prevalent in most of the United States.
  • Most people who contract Lyme disease do not remember being bitten by a tick.
  • Lyme disease is generally identified by its symptoms, with blood tests used to support the diagnosis.
  • The most common symptoms of Lyme disease include a spreading rash and a flu-like illness. Arthritis symptoms are common, especially in the knees.
  • Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics; early intervention is the best way to reduce the likelihood of chronic problems.
  • The long-term prognosis for Lyme disease treated early is excellent.
  • Untreated Lyme disease could cause problems with the heart and nervous system.
  • Prevention of tick bites and prompt removal of attached ticks is important to help avoid infection.
  • A Lyme disease vaccine is available for people ages 15 to 70.

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