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Impotence: Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 16:44

Contributing Author: Guy Slowik FRCS

Here are some frequently asked questions related to impotence.

Q: Isn't erectile dysfunction just a normal part of aging?

A: Although sexual response changes with age, erectile dysfunction isn't normal in men of any age. The truth is that sexuality has no age limit.

Q: Will my insurance cover the cost of medical treatment for erectile dysfunction?

A: Most insurance plans cover consultations, office visits, and treatment. Certain diagnostic tests and certain treatments may not be covered, and plans that cover Viagra may limit the number of tablets per month. The best advice is to check with your individual insurance carrier.

Q: After 15 years of marriage, I'm suddenly experiencing erectile dysfunction. Does this mean I've got a deep-seated problem in my relationship with my wife?

A: Although marital problems can contribute to erectile dysfunction, it's usually due to other factors. Your first step should be to have a complete physical exam to detect any physical causes. Counseling can play an important role in uncovering any psychological causes, which may or may not be related to your marriage.

Q: I've heard erectile dysfunction can be helped with a sexual device called a "cock ring." What is this?

A: A "cock ring" is a stretchable rubber band that fits tightly around the base of an erect penis, to prevent blood from leaving and to prolong an erection. These constrictive bands are similar to the bands used with mechanical suction devices. They can help some men, but it is important not to leave the band in place for more than 30 minutes. "Cock rings" are sold in stores that carry sexual paraphernalia.

Q: My relationship with my wife is solid. Why should I consider counseling as part of my treatment for erectile dysfunction?

A: Counseling isn't just for individuals whose marriage is shaky. It can be of great help to both partners in understanding the facts and myths surrounding erectile dysfunction and its treatment. In fact, it can bring both of you even closer together.

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