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Epilepsy: Putting It All Together

Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 12:52

Here is a summary of the important facts and information related to epilepsy.

  • Epilepsy is not a mental illness, and it does not cause mental illness.
  • Most epilepsy can be successfully treated with medications.
  • There are several different types of epileptic seizures-some are quite mild, while others are more severe.
  • Epilepsy does not necessarily keep people from driving or holding a job.
  • Epileptic seizures cannot be stopped by holding the person who is having theĀ seizure. Trying to do so will only harm the person.
  • Do not put anything in the mouth of a person having a seizure.
  • Epilepsy is not contagious.
  • Only rare forms of epilepsy are inherited.

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