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Coping With The Emotions Of Infertility

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 16:57

If your doctor tells you that you are infertile, you may experience a wealth of emotions.

Couples often feel frustrated, angry or guilty after such a diagnosis. Women may feel unfeminine and men may feel powerless and unmasculine.

Women are more likely to discuss their feelings, while men often sublimate their anger in sports or other activities. Women may feel angry when they see pregnant women or women with infants.

Treatment for infertility is also likely to be stressful, not only because some treatments may be painful, but more likely because of the concern and fear that the treatment will not work. The side effects of the medications, and the necessity of going through procedures several times, can test a couple's patience and create a strain on their relationship.

It's important that you don't become isolated as a couple after a diagnosis of infertility. In organizations like Resolve, a national support group made up of infertile couples, you can discuss your feelings and learn about other people's solutions to infertility. Resolve has chapters in many cities in the United States.

A diagnosis of infertility does not mean you are a failure. There are many medical treatments that may improve your fertility. Even if you can't achieve a pregnancy, there are other options that may leave you fulfilled, such as adoption or deciding to remain childless.

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